The Project

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The Avecnet Project consists of 10 work packages which together will deliver novel and improved tools for malaria control, advance knowledge and provide a foundation for future developments by building capacity and collaboration in Europe and Africa. 

Key principles of the project include:

Partnership and integration: Our team includes multi-disciplinary researchers in Africa and Europe and innovators from the agricultural chemical industry. We have links to drivers of the global malaria research agenda, policy makers and with national malaria control programmes.

Building capacity: By providing training and mentoring, including support in statistical analysis and data presentation, we are helping to build a stronger cohort of malaria control specialists who can help drive and implement the successes from AvecNet  and other vector control programmes

A focus on translational research: Our activities span the product development pipeline. All are closely monitored to ensure that the data collated is robust, complete, and helps accelerate the implantation of new and improved vector control tools.