Capacity Strengthening

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Capacity building is a major objective of the AvecNet project.  In addition to scientific training, this includes sessions on product translation and research ethics.  By learning the steps involved in translating new ideas for interventions into field applicable tools with demonstrated epidemiological effectiveness, partners will be better equipped to exploit their own research findings and retain ownership of intellectual property. 

Within the 10 work packages of the AvecNet project we have achieved progress in this area: 



The AvecNet Project Management Office (PMO) is committed to supporting capacity building of the administrative and financial teams in our beneficiary institutions. In year one of AvecNet finance officers from partner institutions who had not received FP7 funding before were invited to Liverpool to receive training on FP7 project financial management.


AvecNet PhD candiates from Ivory Coast , Burkina Faso and Tanzania  have been trained in methods to detect insecticide resistance using bioassay and molecular tools.

AvecNet has made a major investment in developing  statistical skills required for undertaking robust field trials. This has involved short term training courses, field visits by out statistical support team, and the development of guidelines for study design and data analysis.


AvecNet PhD candidate Josie Parker is working with engineers and software developers to generate and analyse data on mosquito behaviour obtained from field and laboratory trials using video tracking equipment.


AvecNet PhD candidate Deo Maliti has received training in techniques for field collection of mosquitoes, and in assessing associations between gene mutations and mosquito behaviour.


Short term training courses in research ethics, qualitative analysis, paper writing and statistics, and workshops on Good Laboratory Practice, have been held in multiple partner institutes.


AvecNet PhD candidate Kemi Tesfazghi has received training in policy analysis and social science techniques.