AvecNet trial underway in Burkina Faso



AvecNet WP6 is leading the evaluation of new tools to address the resistance crisis. In June 2014, the first clinical trial of a new type of bednet, OlysetDuo (produced by Sumitomo Chemical Company) began in the Banfora region of Burkina Faso. This bednet contains two chemicals: a conventional pyrethroid insecticide to rapidly kill mosquitoes, and an insect sterilizing agent, to prevent any surviving resistant mosquitoes from laying eggs. The clinical evaluation of this potential ‘resistance breaking’ net is being led by CNRFP and the University of Durham, with LSTM evaluating the impact on resistance.  Nets are being distributed to a population of over 60,000 people. The impact on malaria cases, and resistance levels, will be monitored over two years.