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The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (STPH), founded in 1943 as a public organisation, is a centre of excellence in tropical medicine and public health. Its mission is to improve the health of populations internationally and nationally  through research, services, teaching and training from innovation, validation to application. Currently, STPH has over 320 (117 academic) members of staff and has extensive links with UN organisations, health ministries, universities, non-governmental organisations and research institutions nationally and worldwide. The institution plays a key role in many programmes that contribute to improve the health of populations internationally and nationally.


Principal Investigator: Dr Pie Muller


Wp9lead MullerPie Müller is a medical entomologist who studies the behaviour and physiology of mosquito vectors. His research focuses on the mechanisms of insecticide resistance in field populations of malaria vectors and he is leading the institute’s Vector Control Unit which includes a screening and testing facility for the research and development of insecticides and insect repellents.






Mr Henry Owusu


Henry Owusu is a PhD student working with Dr Pie Muller on the quality assessment of tools and methods used in insecticide resistance monitoring.

Dr Gilbert Fokou


Dr Gilbert Fokou has extensive experience on the social and cultural aspects of malaria and tuberculosis in nomadic and pastoralism zones.


Dr Esse Clemence 


Dr Esse Clemence is a social scientist who uses techniques such as direct observations, focus group discussion, informal conversations and in depth interviews to study social and cultural aspects of malaria and its control in central Côte d’Ivoire. 

Dr Chouaibou Mouhamadou



Dr Chouaïbou Mouhamadou is a Medical Entomologist, Vector Control Specialist with a strong background in insecticide resistance in malaria vectors. He studied the link between the use of insecticides for agriculture and the subsequent development of resistance to insecticide in malaria vectors. He is working as Senior Researcher at CSRS where he is leading vector control activities.

Mr Edi Constant


 Avecnet PhD Candidate 

Dr Benjamin Koudou


Dr Benjamin Koudou has expertise in the relationship between intensive agriculture and malaria transmission, prevalence and morbidity and in the evaluation of new insecticide formulations to control insecticide resistant mosquito populations.