National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), Amani Research Centre

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The Amani Research Centre is one of the five constituent Research Centres of the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) in Tanzania. NIMR was established by an Act of parliament in 1979 and given a legal mandate for: (a) Carrying out and promoting medical research (b) Carrying our research on local traditional medicine (c) Training local personnel for scientific research into medical problems (d) Managing health research (e) Monitoring, controlling and co-ordinating medical research in Tanzania (f) Promoting the practical application of research findings, and (g) Disseminating research findings. NIMR prides itself in being among the leading health research institutions in Africa, with close links with the Ministry of Health. It is involved in providing scientific evidence that leads to evidence based decisions in the Ministry. It has research links worldwide on a broad range of health aspects. The Amani Centre has a team of 32 research scientists. Our vision is to develop the Institute into a Centre of Excellence in Vector Biology and Disease Control Research.


Principal Investigator: Dr William Kisinza


NIMR Kisinza

William has studied the efficacy of ITNs against both malaria vectors and soft ticks as vectors of relapsing fever in randomised trials.







Dr Dennis J Massue


Dennis, BVM, PG (DIP), MSc, PhD Scholar (Epidemiology and Public Health) has a background in Veterinary medicine and MSc in Biology and Control of Parasites and Disease Vectors from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in 2010.  Dennis is responsible for coordinating all of the AvecNet activities at NIMR Tanzania. Dennis also provides technical support to NIMR/AvecNet projects scientists involved in work packages 2 and 5.

Ms Theresia Nkya


AvecNet PhD Candidate 

Dr Patrick Tungu


Patrick (Research Scientist) studies the impact of various control tools at both experimental and village community levels.

Dr Robert Malima


Robert (Senior Research Scientist) studies the impact of various tools against natural mosquito populations. Has broad experience in conducting both experimental hut studies as well as running community based vector control studies. 

Dr John Changalucha