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The LSHTM is one of the world’s leading centres for postgraduate teaching and research in public health and tropical medicine. The School provides an international focus of collaboration in teaching and research which integrates laboratory, epidemiological, clinical, economic and social sciences to address the broad issues of health. The range and depth of the School’s expertise is unique in Europe, and it is this multidisciplinary strength which makes it a leading world centre in its field. The quality and relevance of its work are demonstrated by the impact of its research publications and its contribution to policy and practice across the world, including the UK. LSHTM was the first institute to be awarded the Gates Award for Global Health in recognition of its outstanding contribution to health research in developing countries



Principal Investigator: Dr Caroline Jones



Wp5lead Jones MTTCaroline Jones has worked for 14 years as the senior social scientist in multidisciplinary teams involved in a range of malaria control projects.  Her work has included investigations on the factors affecting the uptake and use of insecticide treated nets and other malaria prevention tools as well as investigations of perceptions of malaria in countries including Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda.  She has been involved in investigating the factors that enhance or constrain the effective implementation of malaria control initiatives and in capacity strengthening programmes focussing on developing social science research capacity in sub-Saharan Africa.  




Dr Ulrike Fillinger 


Ulrike Fillinger has worked for over 17 years on operational mosquito larval source management (LSM) and has been based in East Africa for the past 10 years. She has evaluated the use of LSM for malaria control in different ecological settings in Africa, studied the added benefit of LSM to personal protection in an integrated vector management approach and developed tools for operational implementation of LSM with community-participation.    

Dr Mark Rowland 


Mark Rowland has 27 years experience in entomological research and the control of malaria plus other vector borne diseases. He directed research on bednets and IRS, ran malaria control programmes in Asia, and developed novel approaches on the use of insecticides and repellents for vector control. More recently he developed vector control trial sites in W and E Africa and worked with industry and WHO to develop a range of novel insecticides for malaria control.

Ms Corine N'Gufor


Dr Raphael N'Gussen