Innovative Vector Control Consortium

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IVCC is a product development partnership established to promote the development of public health pesticides and information systems to support their use in disease endemic countries.  IVCC uses the funds raised from donors such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to achieve the development of products that would not otherwise be commercially viable through collaboration of industrial and institutional partners.  Through this collaboration with all the major public health insecticide suppliers, IVCC has developed a robust portfolio of development projects spanning the pipeline from completely new active ingredients to reformulations of insecticides for longer lasting effects.  



Principal Investigator: Tom McLean



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Dr Mclean is a widely experienced manager from the chemical industry specialising in the management of business in newly emerging and atypical markets. Formerly Business Director Merck Chemicals, Business Director Avecia, Technical Director Rexam Image Products, Business Manager/ Quality Manager/ Technical Manager ICI. 






Dr Robert Sloss 



Dr RI Sloss Portfolio Manager IVCC.  Dr Sloss, an experienced Chemical Industry manager with extensive expertise in portfolio and stage gate management of product development.  Formerly Business Manager Avecia, Technical Manager Astra Zeneca and ICI.  

Mr Dave Malone



IVCC Trials Manager.  Mr. Malone is a medical entomologist with nearly 25 years of experience of vector control in an operational and commercial setting. He develops and co-ordinates efficacy testing of novel vector control products in collaboration with IVCC project partners. Formerly medical entomologist for the British Armed Services, Deputy Director of the Cayman Islands Mosquito Research and Control Unit and Director of Research and Technical Services at Adapco Inc., Florida.