Vector control is the most effective means to prevent malaria transmission but new tools are urgently needed to combat resistance and to attack mosquitoes not targeted by current measures.

The AvecNet Consortium presents a focussed and pragmatic approach to meet this challenge. We are filling important knowledge gaps and will deliver novel and improved tools within the lifetime of the programme. In addition we are building advanced capabilities in Europe and Africa providing a foundation for future developments in the field of vector control. 

AvecNet is translating research and product development into new solutions for malaria control in Africa. Urgent solutions are needed to prevent insecticide resistance from reversing the gains in malaria control that have seen malaria cases drop by almost 50% across Africa in the last decade.

Latest News:

AvecNet announces end of project external dissemination event 8th June 2016, Lowry Theatre, Salford, UK

Dr Constant Edi, awarded a Wellcome Trust Training Fellowship for Tropical medicine and public health

AvecNet Scientists, Dr Theresia Nkya and Dr Deodatus Maliti graduate with PhD's

AvecNet is financed by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme under the specific programme: FP7-Africa-2010. The project started in February 2011 and involves 17 partners, 10 in Europe and 7 in Africa.